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Camus’s Atheism and the Virtues of Inconsistency

Albert Camus demonstrated an atheism that was sympathetic to theists. This is remarkably distinct from the “New Atheists” of our time, who argue that theism is dangerous because it opens the door to fundamentalism. But fundamentalism is not just a conviction that one’s sacred text is complete and true, but also a demand that we all believe and act consistently with that text. Camus recognized that this demand for radical consistency is shared by other forms of extremism.

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Greta Thunberg's speech explained

Greta Thunberg’s speech explained

The young Swedish climate activist gave a sensationalistic speech at the COP24 UN Conference in Katowice that became widely popular. Here we analyze and explain what she said, sentence-by-sentence. Finally, we criticize and challenge her view that people will be the driving force of an environmentalist revolution.

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Deconstructing hierarchical societies for a happier life

Modern societies are grounded in pyramidal models, where a tiny portion of the population plays leading roles and the remaining occupy subordinated positions. One of the major ways to maintain such a hierarchy is by adopting systems of comparison to hire personnel or to evaluate students. This approach does not seem to cultivate unique talents. What would happen if we could reconstruct a society in which spontaneous inclinations and human subjectivity are directly brought into play?

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Herd Immunity: a perspective on Venezuela’s socioeconomic crisis

The lack of awareness of Venezuela’s deteriorating public health care system caused by Venezuela’s socioeconomic crisis is unprecedented. With the sharp decline of vaccination rates, the country is currently seeing colossal outbreaks of preventable diseases resurface once again, highlighting the importance of herd immunity. If these problems are not addressed soon, the rest of the world might just end up sharing the aftermath of Venezuela’s health crisis. 

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Is the world ready for CRISPR babies?

Is the world ready for CRISPR babies?

The gene editing technology notoriously known as CRISPR/Cas9 has gained vast attention after the Chinese scientist He Jiankui claimed he had, for the first time ever, created gene-edited twins. While He has received negative criticism for his work amongst the scientific community, many believe the world can benefit from this powerful technology. He Jiankui has decided that the world is ready for germline gene editing, but does the rest of the world feel the same?

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