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Covid-19 has made the world leaderless, just like what we saw back in the 1930s

The coronavirus has exposed serious faults in US power, while also crippling most of Europe as well as China. To understand this current historic moment, we need to look to the 1930s – a time when the global political and economic order was also thrown into chaos. This comparison isn’t meant to be pessimistic. Rather, what we can learn in this historical comparison is that politics matters more than ever in a time of crisis and collective struggles will determine our future.

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Herd Immunity: a perspective on Venezuela’s socioeconomic crisis

The lack of awareness of Venezuela’s deteriorating public health care system caused by Venezuela’s socioeconomic crisis is unprecedented. With the sharp decline of vaccination rates, the country is currently seeing colossal outbreaks of preventable diseases resurface once again, highlighting the importance of herd immunity. If these problems are not addressed soon, the rest of the world might just end up sharing the aftermath of Venezuela’s health crisis. 

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The cultural fluidity: is history static or dynamic

The cultural fluidity: is history static or dynamic?

We usually consider the past as an untouchable dimension, where fixed facts are continuously added to build a growing collection of chronological events. The intellectual and poet J. L. Borges challenges this scenario asking his character Pierre Menard to re-write a verbally coincident novel to Cervantes´ Chisciotte. This trivial task – however – turns out to be impossible: can we reproduce the meaning of an original opus considering that the act of its rewriting is inevitably invested by a different historical truth?

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Human intelligence makes us physically weaker

Human intelligence makes us physically weaker

Medical and technological advancements have led to a drastic reduction of worldwide infant mortality and an increased life expectancy. Because of this, far more people are able to reach reproductive age, thus maintaining “unfit” genetic traits in our population that would otherwise be weeded out by natural selection. Considering the consequences of these issues and devising solutions for them can help us overcome the future unsustainable costs for national healthcare systems.

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Living with the fear of losing our insurance: the struggles for our daughter in the US

My daughter was born a second-class citizen. Born, with a rare genetic disease, during the run up to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) she entered the world with a preexisting condition. Even with the law, her life hangs in the balance subject to the whims of our insurer. The United States remains the lone developed nation without universal healthcare. Our government is failing us – it is failing her.

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Game of Thrones (GoT) finale and its impact

The fantasy television series Game of Thrones (GoT) has dominated the entertainment world for the last eight years and has been called the greatest show of all time. Many people have been unhappy with the final season and especially the final episode. I would like to reflect on some important aspects of the series and discuss why there is no ‘correct’ ending.

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