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Covid-19 has made the world leaderless, just like what we saw back in the 1930s

The coronavirus has exposed serious faults in US power, while also crippling most of Europe as well as China. To understand this current historic moment, we need to look to the 1930s – a time when the global political and economic order was also thrown into chaos. This comparison isn’t meant to be pessimistic. Rather, what we can learn in this historical comparison is that politics matters more than ever in a time of crisis and collective struggles will determine our future.

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Game of Thrones (GoT) finale and its impact

The fantasy television series Game of Thrones (GoT) has dominated the entertainment world for the last eight years and has been called the greatest show of all time. Many people have been unhappy with the final season and especially the final episode. I would like to reflect on some important aspects of the series and discuss why there is no ‘correct’ ending.

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Public breastfeeding: the struggle is real

Public breastfeeding: the struggle is real

The number of breastfed babies is decreasing worldwide. General acceptance of public breastfeeding might be playing a big role in the decision of mothers not to breastfeed. The sexualisation of breasts and associated feelings of shame and judgement are leading to an unpreventable circle of events. This article provides insight on different cultural views of breastfeeding babies in public.

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Life is all about sacrifice

This is a provocative article. The style adopted is intentionally direct and mocking. We need to wake up from a dream in which we do nothing but complaining about how painful and unsatisfying our life can be. We have to fight for our desire of self-realization. Better to start now. — Perhaps, you want to hear a story about the reason why the instant you are born, you cry. Do you feel you are alive just to suffer? Deep in your mind, you are convinced that your role in society is to sacrifice your aspirations, your dreams, your plans. But

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Greta Thunberg's speech explained

Greta Thunberg’s speech explained

The young Swedish climate activist gave a sensationalistic speech at the COP24 UN Conference in Katowice that became widely popular. Here we analyze and explain what she said, sentence-by-sentence. Finally, we criticize and challenge her view that people will be the driving force of an environmentalist revolution.

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Bacteria and antibiotics: our friend or foe

Bacteria and antibiotics: our friend or foe?

Antibiotics have become a daily part of our lives. According to the World Health Organization “Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today”. Antibiotics have clearly become a double-edged sword and there is now a great need to raise awareness on the beneficial roles of bacteria and highlight alternative strategies to fight back against antibiotic resistance.

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