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Covid-19 has made the world leaderless, just like what we saw back in the 1930s

The coronavirus has exposed serious faults in US power, while also crippling most of Europe as well as China. To understand this current historic moment, we need to look to the 1930s – a time when the global political and economic order was also thrown into chaos. This comparison isn’t meant to be pessimistic. Rather, what we can learn in this historical comparison is that politics matters more than ever in a time of crisis and collective struggles will determine our future.

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Terrorists against terrorists: a sad Kurdish tale

Kurdish forces defeated ISIL in Syria with the support of the United States. The recent departure of the Americans has left the Kurds alone to face their destiny. Within the last few days Turkey has launched an offensive against Kurdish forces, considering them to be a terror group. Is Turkey taking advantage of a broad and imprecise definition of “terrorism” to justify its aggressive behaviors? Can Kurds be defined as terrorists considering that they gave their lives in the fight against ISIL?

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Robot sex brothels: good or bad?

Two years ago, the first sex doll-based brothel was opened in Spain. At the current time, is the growing fame and success of these brothels something to worry about? Are robot sex workers great tools to replace prostitution, or will they be the cause of further societal damage?

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The protests in Lebanon: a united vibrant civil society emerges in the face of corruption and divisive sectarianism

The past two weeks have been anything but calm in Lebanon. More than a million people spontaneously took to the streets across the country and in the rest of the world to protest against corruption. Anger has united Lebanese of all social, economic and confessional backgrounds against the corrupt political class. This unprecedented revolution finally broke the sectarian barriers that have long separated people, and ignited a spark of hope for the country’s future.

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Living with the fear of losing our insurance: the struggles for our daughter in the US

My daughter was born a second-class citizen. Born, with a rare genetic disease, during the run up to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) she entered the world with a preexisting condition. Even with the law, her life hangs in the balance subject to the whims of our insurer. The United States remains the lone developed nation without universal healthcare. Our government is failing us – it is failing her.

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