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How to enhance inclusion for people with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be socially isolating. The fear of not being able to hear can make it tempting to simply stay home, avoiding that dinner out with friends or an evening at the theater. Public spaces are often not conducive to easy communication but simple tricks like turning down the music, installing assistive listening devices and employing communication best practices can help make gatherings more inclusive for everyone. Here’s what you can do to help.

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Poetry must seek the other

This short essay reflects upon the political and social relationship between poetry and modernity. It picks two moments to articulate a wider trend in what is a more complex story: one, the coming of capitalist modernity in America and Europe, finding contrary voices in the poetry of Walt Whitman and Charles Baudelaire, and two, the contemporary crisis of our modernity, exemplified in the voices of poets like Paavo Haavikko, Najwan Darwish and Ilya Kaminsky.

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The cultural fluidity: is history static or dynamic

The cultural fluidity: is history static or dynamic?

We usually consider the past as an untouchable dimension, where fixed facts are continuously added to build a growing collection of chronological events. The intellectual and poet J. L. Borges challenges this scenario asking his character Pierre Menard to re-write a verbally coincident novel to Cervantes´ Chisciotte. This trivial task – however – turns out to be impossible: can we reproduce the meaning of an original opus considering that the act of its rewriting is inevitably invested by a different historical truth?

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Marx's modern view on global capitalism

Marx’s modern view on global capitalism

Marx had a negative idea of capitalism. Though – at his time – globalisation could still be seen as a force that brings change in our society by spreading the ideals of a communist revolution. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, what would be Marx’s view on the global capitalism of the 21st century? 

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Lives and dreams of Tighmert

Lives and dreams of Tighmert

The lives and dreams of Saleh and Ahmed, inhabitants of Tighmert, a village located in an oasis in the south of Morocco. Their fortune is linked to the presence of visitors, but the fulfilment of their dreams could undermine the passion that sustains their ambitions.

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The loss of desire in the era of consumerism

The current generation of customers seek happiness and self-realization through the possession of an irrational number of products. In this article we will analyze the cultural background of consumerism and we will try to redefine the concept of self-realization as a life-long inner drive that shapes the projects of individual existence.

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