About the Logo

Culturico provides stories that have humans as their core element, with topics ranging from politics, to society and science. 
Opinions are the constitutive element of Culturico‘s articles, although the team’s mindset remains purely scientific in its approach.
The logotypes, with their graphical elements, wish to give value to the aforementioned aspects.
The font Sans Serif or Neutra Display Titling are chosen to indicate accuracy and clarity, as Culturico‘s subject matters.
The balloon, like in cartoons, is an evident graphical element of the logotypes and has the purpose to indicate the strength of dialogue and plurality of opinions. The yellow background of the balloon wishes to instil positivity and optimism.
The different colours of the logotypes represent the different languages, the different political, scientific and cultural environments of each individual – yet intermixed – human population.



The Logos are realised by Massimiliano Germani.