Millennials need to be heard by the Italian film industry

millennials need to be heard by the italian film industry

Italy has had a long and very strong history in film dubbing which has yielded some of the best dubbers in the world. This, unfortunately, has led the Italian film industry to indirectly deprive Italians of the possibility to learn another language: it is becoming increasingly difficult for the younger generation to master foreign languages, which would drastically improve their future. Continue reading “Millennials need to be heard by the Italian film industry”

Indoor smoking: a sad Austrian story

In 2017, the newly elected Austrian government decided to reverse a previously passed law to completely ban indoor smoking in bars and restaurants. The Austrian public reacted with big protests and petitions – all without success. The motives of the Austrian politicians are very questionable and raise serious questions about their sense of responsibility towards citizens. Continue reading “Indoor smoking: a sad Austrian story”

India’s lowest caste: the untouchables

While travelling through India I came across a social class called “untouchables”. Being the lowest possible class of India’s society, considered outside of the traditional caste system, untouchables are facing widespread problems. Even though several measures have been taken by the government since the ’50s, members of this caste still face discrimination and segregation up until today. Continue reading “India’s lowest caste: the untouchables”

Public breastfeeding: the struggle is real

The number of breastfed babies is decreasing worldwide. General acceptance of public breastfeeding might be playing a big role in the decision of mothers not to breastfeed. The sexualisation of breasts and associated feelings of shame and judgement are leading to an unpreventable circle of events. This article provides insight on different cultural views of breastfeeding babies in public. Continue reading “Public breastfeeding: the struggle is real”