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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The personal description is only needed when you have not yet published on Culturico, and only if you wish to join our team.

No. Your first article has to be novel. We do not accept articles that have been previously partially or completely published elsewhere.

Your article will not be published and you own the full right to your writing. Your article is therefore eligible for publication elsewhere.

Yes. If you have been accepted in the team, your article will undergo our editorial rounds of revision and will eventually be published.

When you join the team, you commit to write at least 9 articles per year (6 if you suggest a new team member, but only if the application is successful). 

Yes. Once you have been welcomed into our team, you are committed to write 9 articles per year. The “sample” article will count as your first article.

We are predominantly looking for Contributing Authors. However, you are free to apply for the following positions: Editor, Linguistic Editor, Social Media Manager.

Yes. In addition, you will receive one article to be edited. The final decision will be taken based on both your written article and your edited article. If accepted, your sample article will be published.

You are a new member of Culturico. Congratulations! Please check out the profiles of other team members to get an idea of the style and the length for your personal profile.

Your personal profile will be listed, together with your social profiles, on our website. Your profile will be likely visited by many people. Additionally, your articles will reach a vast amount of readers. We share your articles through our WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin communities. We sometimes advertise our best articles on Facebook, reaching thousands of people. Being part of the team also offers you the possibility of participating in Culturico’s events.

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