Anna K. Stelling-Germani

Anna is a half German half Italian scientist who grew up in a small town near Vienna, Austria. She is working in the field of cancer research at the University of Zürich. Currently she is facing a new challenge in her life by becoming a mom in June 2018. Anna has lived in Italy, Austria, England, Sweden and Switzerland and loves to travel the world and experience new cultures.

Anna K. Stelling-Germani


Anna's articles:

Does the unhappiness of scientists influence the quality of research?

Mental health issues are on the rise within academia. The working conditions resulting from publishing pressure are leading to stress and bad work-life balance. Many young academics are unhappy and want to leave science as soon as they finish their PhD. These factors likely result in an overall decrease in the quality of research, which has to be halted in order to maintain a good progression of knowledge.

Giving birth: a woman’s choice between nature and medicine

The number of women giving birth without methods of pain-relief are low. Women are experiencing great fears about the pain of giving birth, making them want to exploit all medical pain relieving possibilities. A lack of trust in the body’s natural pain relieving mechanisms and an excessive supply of medical interventions is putting women in the dilemma of having to choose between modern medicine and nature.

Finding the right treatment: the many cures for cancer

Many people believe that there will be a single drug or treatment found by scientists that will cure all kinds of cancer. This is, unfortunately, a quite widespread misconception regarding cancer research. Due to the complexity of the disease, the future of cancer treatment lies in a more targeted and personalised approach. Combined knowledge about the biology of cancer and combined effort from physicians and scientists will be needed to find the best way to treat cancer in the future.

Indoor smoking: a sad Austrian story

In 2017, the newly elected Austrian government decided to reverse a previously passed law to completely ban indoor smoking in bars and restaurants. The Austrian public reacted with big protests and petitions – all without success. The motives of the Austrian politicians are very questionable and raise serious questions about their sense of responsibility towards citizens.

India’s lowest caste: the untouchables

While travelling through India I came across a social class called “untouchables”. Being the lowest possible class of India’s society, considered outside of the traditional caste system, untouchables are facing widespread problems. Even though several measures have been taken by the government since the ’50s, members of this caste still face discrimination and segregation up until today.

Public breastfeeding: the struggle is real

The number of breastfed babies is decreasing worldwide. General acceptance of public breastfeeding might be playing a big role in the decision of mothers not to breastfeed. The sexualisation of breasts and associated feelings of shame and judgement are leading to an unpreventable circle of events. This article provides insight on different cultural views of breastfeeding babies in public.

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