Simone Redaelli

Drifted somewhere in Germany under an eager soul, Simone is a bleeding scientist and writer. In his childhood, he gained few rudimentals about biology and poetry, blending the beauty of observation to the inner eye of literature. For the entire life, he has been suffering from a rare and unpleasant disease, which rocks down his bones and constantly ignites his flesh: the desire of truth.

Simone Redaelli


Simone's articles:

Is Netflix series “How to sell drugs online (fast)” an incitement to narcotics abuse?

At first sight, Netflix series “How to sell drugs online (fast)” seems to foster the consumption of narcotics and their illegal business among teenagers. In this article we try to go deeper beneath the surface: are media discourses only focused on condemning drug abuse still effective? Have they ever been? What if communication based on permission and legitimacy of drug experience turned out to be more effective? Netflix might have opened a new wave of reasoning we should at least discuss.

When children become the masters, should parents be the pupils?

The introduction of informatics in everyday life has caused the digital revolution that we currently face. Given its accelerated dynamics, digitalization has led to the co-existence of a native analogue, “old” generation and a native digital, “young” generation. In this context, sons and daughters eventually ended up educating their parents in certain aspects of reality. Are we therefore facing the end of an educational path traditionally based on vertical transmission?

The loss of desire in the era of consumerism

The current generation of customers seek happiness and self-realization through the possession of an irrational number of products. In this article we will analyze the cultural background of consumerism and we will try to redefine the concept of self-realization as a life-long inner drive that shapes the projects of individual existence.

Digitalization: from the world of bodies to the world of minds

It is undeniable that human civilization is facing a transition from an analogue to a digital world. In this article, we discuss how smartphones are accelerating this transition and the negative impact digitalization might have on the individual relationship with others and with the surrounding living environment.

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