Simone Redaelli

Drifted somewhere in Germany under an eager soul, Simone is a bleeding scientist and writer. In his childhood, he gained few rudimentals about biology and poetry, blending the beauty of observation to the inner eye of literature. For the entire life, he has been suffering from a rare and unpleasant disease, which rocks down his bones and constantly ignites his flesh: the desire of truth.

Simone Redaelli


Simone's articles:

The Covid-19 outbreak: here is why the quarantine will not hold

A few days ago, the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte declared a status of quarantine in Italy to fight the Coronavirus outbreak. This article aims to illustrate why this measure will not hold, and why Italian citizens might eventually come to break it. The Italian case serves as an example to illustrate how an average citizen in the Western world would cope with a condition of physical confinement.

Ode to egoism

This brief essay aims to provide some sociological, psychological and philosophical insights on why altruism is overrated, and on why egoism should be rediscovered as the main source of individual self-fulfilment and self-expression.

Anthropocene defaunation: the impact humans have on natural biodiversity

In the last few centuries, human activity has led to the extinction of a considerable number of animal species. This ongoing event has recently been called “Anthropocene defaunation”, which includes several human activities such as the destruction of habitats, the exploitation of natural resources and their impact on climate. In this article, the current status of global animal biodiversity will be explored, with the aim of understanding how humans have threatened, and are still threatening, the Earth’s fauna.

Why celebrities should become science communicators

In light of the recent media exposure of Amazon wildfires in South America, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has publicly denied the trustworthiness of scientific evidence that supports the devastating impact of deforestation, calling it “lies”. This discrediting behavior towards science from a political leader might negatively impact public opinion. As a global community, we are therefore in desperate need of public figures with relevant media resonance to communicate science in a solid and reliable manner, in order to eventually fight biased political ideologies. Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonardo DiCaprio recently attempted to send vigorous messages, but their initiatives are sporadic and sometimes

Life is all about sacrifice

This is a provocative article. The style adopted is intentionally direct and mocking. We need to wake up from a dream in which we do nothing but complaining about how painful and unsatisfying our life can be. We have to fight for our desire of self-realization. Better to start now. — Perhaps, you want to hear a story about the reason why the instant you are born, you cry. Do you feel you are alive just to suffer? Deep in your mind, you are convinced that your role in society is to sacrifice your aspirations, your dreams, your plans. But

Is Netflix series “How to sell drugs online (fast)” an incitement to narcotics abuse?

At first sight, Netflix series “How to sell drugs online (fast)” seems to foster the consumption of narcotics and their illegal business among teenagers. In this article we try to go deeper beneath the surface: are media discourses only focused on condemning drug abuse still effective? Have they ever been? What if communication based on permission and legitimacy of drug experience turned out to be more effective? Netflix might have opened a new wave of reasoning we should at least discuss.

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