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The aim of this blog is to provide the reader with an artistic and yet realistic mosaic of human pictures. Macroscopic events of our society result from a complex combination of individual dreams, ambitions and actions.
We aim at providing stories that have humans as their core element, from macro-stories about our multifarious culture – including politicssociety and science -, to micro-stories of individual’s hopesstruggles and change.

Our stories are told by people, with their own life experiences, beliefs, and reflections of past and present events. Our blog therefore provides a multifaceted image of our world, observed and understood from different perspectives.

Although opinions will be the constitutive element of our articles, our mindset remains purely scientific in its approach. Opinions must indeed be anchored in real and quantifiable core facts. Opinions should be rather seen as interpretations that guide a reader through the complex and otherwise impenetrable web of human relations and connections. However, the reader is also encouraged to participate in deconstructing – and reconstructing – the mosaic of images we provide, thereby shaping new and yet unfolded combinations of reality.

We ourselves see this blog as representing our own process of understanding and constructing our society. We therefore encourage and look forward to receiving any form of constructive criticism and are keen to discuss with other individuals who are interested in uncovering unknown intellectual territories. Or to phrase it in the famous words of Robert Frost:

To take “the [road] less travelled by.” (1)


  1. Frost, R. Mountain, 1919.

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