President Barack Obama talks with Stephen Hawking (who was affected by ALS) in the Blue Room of the White House before a ceremony presenting him and 15 others the Presidential Medal of Freedom, August 12, 2009. Photo @WIkimedia Commons

Podcast #15 – The status of research for ALS patients

Join us for a very informative episode, where Juliette Foucher and Tommy Bunte join us to discuss the latest advances in ALS research. We discuss how scientists and medical personnel join in collaborative efforts to battle the disease, develop and discuss clinical trials with the patients. Juliette and Tommy also tell us the many ramifications of their work researching, working with patients, and organizing ALS consortia and conferences. We also discuss how important and valuable is the hard work that patients put into advocacy and end on a positive note by acknowledging the many advances and prospects for future treatments.

Links mentioned during the episode:

  1. Meet the Team at ALS Clinical Research Group | Karolinska Institutet
  2. Tommy Bunte | Spierziekten Centrum Nederland
  3. Tricals
  4. ENCALS – The European Network for the Cure of ALS (ENCALS)
  5. INARC Satellite meeting @ ENCALS Barcelona – ENCALS



Recorded: 17.04.23; Host: Pablo Sanchez Bosch, guest: Juliette Foucher and Tommy Bunte

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