Iyad Yousef

Podcast #3: The past, present and future of Syria with Iyad Yousef

Iyad Yousef is a Syrian who is dedicating his life to understanding and resolving the political, social and economic issues his country faces. He has worked in Middle Eastern humanitarian aid, security consulting and BBC documentary production, and has undertaken studies in topics relevant to his aims such as human rights, public policy and political economy. Iyad discusses his life and work in an interview with Culturico. Recurring motifs in our discussion are the importance of both philosophy and economics to his work, and reflections on a beautiful yet damaged nation that still seems a long way from hope and prosperity. 

Further reads:

  1. Yousef, I., “Assad’s New Funding Model: Pressuring Friends to Pay Up”, Chatham House, 2019.
  2. Yousef, I., “How the EU can save Tunisia“, Atlantic Council, 2019.
  3. Yousef, I., “No justice, no peace: The failure of Kushner’s peace to prosperity workshop“, Atlantic Council, 2019.
Ready: 11.11.20, Host: Alexander F. Brown

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