Culturico’s Mission: Inspiring Informed Pespectives

Discover how Culturico’s thought-provoking articles and educational initiatives combat misinformation, foster critical thinking, and promote an engaged society.

Culturico is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing a platform for thought-provoking and fact-based storytelling centered around the multifaceted nature of human experiences. Our mission is to combat misinformation and disinformation, particularly in the realms of science, the environment, society, culture, international relations, and politics. Through our articles, discussions, and educational initiatives, we strive to bridge the gap between disciplines, foster critical thinking, and promote a more informed and engaged society. Culturico aims to disseminate knowledge, challenge existing paradigms, and propose innovative solutions to the pressing issues of our time. We envision a world where expertise and evidence-based knowledge are valued, cultures and ideas are celebrated, and global cooperation is fostered for the betterment of humanity and the planet. We aim to solidify our commitment to serving the public interest, facilitating open dialogue, and contributing to positive societal change.

Culturico’s Journey: Truth and Inclusivity since 2018

Explore the dedicated efforts and values that drive Culturico’s mission of integrity, inclusivity, and the pursuit of truth.

Established in 2018, Culturico embarked on its mission driven by the dedicated efforts of numerous members and editors who generously offered their time and expertise. Since its inception, Culturico has been driven by the values of integrity, inclusivity, and the pursuit of truth.

Media and Information Literacy for Positive Change

Follow Culturico’s path as it challenges misinformation, advocates for climate action, celebrates humanities, and pioneers innovative media designs for critical thinking and information literacy.

Over the years, Culturico has undertaken numerous activities to fulfill its mission of providing thought-provoking stories that center around the diverse and intricate tapestry of human experiences. Our journey began in 2018, with the voluntary contributions of passionate individuals who believed in the power of storytelling and its potential to shape a more informed and engaged society.

Since its inception, Culturico has been dedicated to fighting against misinformation and disinformation, recognizing this as one of the greatest challenges for humanity in the coming decades. Through our articles and discussions, we have consistently strived to present factual information and challenge misconceptions, particularly in areas such as science, the environment, society, culture, international relations, and politics. Our commitment to accuracy and reliable information has been a cornerstone of our work, ensuring that opinions are anchored in real and quantifiable core facts.

One of our key endeavors has been to bridge the gap between scientific disciplines and political sciences. Culturico has facilitated conversations and proposed ideas on how scientific knowledge can shape political decision-making at both local and international levels. By fostering greater cooperation between diverse cultures and governments, we have aimed to improve global understanding and collaboration.

Culturico has also recognized the crucial role of communication in shaping our society, particularly in the digital age. We have extensively explored the influence of social media and its impact on our lives, critically examining the strengths and limitations of these platforms. By advocating for transparent and ethical practices, we have sought to build trust in the work of scientists, the scientific community, and public institutions. Additionally, we have highlighted the significance of communicating science to the broader public, emphasizing the importance of effective knowledge dissemination and the building of trust in scientific research.

Moreover, Culturico has been deeply committed to raising awareness about climate change and its implications for our planet and its biodiversity. Through our articles and podcast discussions, we have strived to shape a favorable future for the environment. By emphasizing the urgency of addressing climate change and promoting sustainable practices, we have sought to inspire individuals, communities, and policymakers to take meaningful action.

Throughout our journey, Culturico has celebrated culture and humanities as vital components of enriching and improving our lives. By disseminating knowledge in fields such as philosophy, art, cinema, music, history, literature, and pop culture, we have showcased the practical ways in which these disciplines can have a profound impact on personal growth, critical thinking, and societal development.

Looking ahead, Culturico remains dedicated to its mission, and we look ahead to new challenges and interesting work. We believe in uncovering unknown intellectual territories and identifying novel strategies to address the challenges posed by the digital information age and the spread of misinformation.

In our unwavering dedication to fostering critical thinking and advancing global education, Culturico will continue to propose dynamic initiatives that enhance people’s critical thinking skills. Through interactive challenges, innovative games, and captivating content, we will strive to empower individuals with the necessary tools to navigate the vast and ever-expanding sea of information with a sharp and investigative mindset. Our aim is to empower readers to become discerning consumers of information, equipping them with the ability to critically analyze and evaluate sources, and cultivating resilience to the pervasive presence of misinformation and disinformation. By actively engaging and equipping our readers, we will contribute to a more informed and intellectually resilient society.

In the near future we are committed to embracing experimental approaches that empower our readers to actively engage with our articles and content. We recognize the importance of providing an immersive and interactive experience that goes beyond traditional media consumption. Our aim is to create a platform where readers can not only learn something new and challenge their preconceptions but also develop critical skills in information literacy.Through innovative techniques, such as gamification, interactive challenges, and participatory elements, we will offer readers an unprecedented opportunity to explore and navigate the complex landscape of information. By actively involving our audience, we seek to create a symbiotic relationship where readers become co-creators of their learning experience.

Our groundbreaking media design will provide an engaging and powerful environment, empowering readers to actively detect and counter disinformation. By immersing themselves in this new type of media, readers will gain valuable insights into the tactics used to manipulate information, honing their ability to distinguish fact from fiction. This transformative approach to media design aims to cultivate a new generation of critical thinkers and information-literate individuals who can navigate the digital landscape with confidence and discernment.

At Culturico, we believe that this unique blend of immersive storytelling and interactive learning will revolutionize the way people engage with media. By fostering a culture of active participation, we aim to break new ground in empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of information in a rapidly evolving digital era. We are excited to embark on this journey, confident that our innovative approach will provide readers with an engaging, powerful, and unprecedented experience that will shape the future of media.

Finally, Culturico is embarking on future activities that will revolutionize the structure and operation of the scientific publishing system. We will continue to propose innovative solutions that challenge the existing business practices of scientific journals, with the goal of fostering enhanced scientific communication among researchers and bridging the gap between scientists and the general public.

R RCulturico provides stories that have people as the core element, with topics ranging from politics, to society and science. Opinions are a constitutive element of Culturico’s articles, although the team’s mindset remains purely scientific in its approach. The logotypes, with their graphical elements, have been designed to highlight the aforementioned aspects. The fonts Sans Serif or Neutra Display Titling are chosen to indicate accuracy and clarity, as with Culturico‘s subject matters. The speech bubble, like in cartoons, is an integral graphical element of the logotypes and has the purpose of indicating the strength of dialogue and plurality of opinions. The yellow background of the balloon is intended to instil positivity and optimism. The different colours of the logotypes represent the different languages, the different political, scientific and cultural environments of each individual – yet intermixed – human population.

Designer: Massimiliano Germani

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