The aim of Culturico is to provide the reader with an artistic and yet realistic mosaic of human pictures. Macroscopic events of our society result from a complex combination of individual dreams, ambitions and actions.

We aim at providing stories that have humans as their core element, from macro-stories about our multifarious culture – including politics, society and science – to micro-stories of individual’s hopes, struggles and changes.

Our stories are told by people, with their own life experiences, beliefs, and reflections of past and present events. Culturico therefore provides a multifaceted image of our world, observed and understood from different perspectives.

Although opinions are a constitutive element of our articles, our mindset remains purely scientific in its approach. Opinions must indeed be anchored in real and quantifiable core facts. Rather, opinions should be seen as interpretations that guide a reader through the complex and otherwise impenetrable web of human relations and connections. The reader is also encouraged to participate in deconstructing – and reconstructing – the mosaic of images we provide, thereby shaping new and yet unfolded combinations of reality.

We ourselves see Culturico as representing our own process of understanding and constructing our society. We therefore encourage and look forward to receiving any form of constructive criticism and are keen to discuss with others who are interested in uncovering unknown intellectual territories.

Or to phrase it in the famous words of Robert Frost:

To take “the [road] less travelled by.”

  1. Science & Environment
    – Discussing the importance of communicating scientific issues to the broader public, their implications, and building trust in scientists and the scientific community.
    – Changing the scientific publishing system by eradicating the business of scientific journals.
    – Increasing vaccination rates worldwide and spreading awareness of their safety and efficacy.
    – Improving the quality of our environment and spreading awareness of climate change issues to the public.
    – Proposing solutions to shorten the distance between scientific disciplines and politics, bringing ideas on how science could be shaping local and intergovernmental political decisions (the Covid-19 pandemic offers us a clear example of why this is very important).
    – Improving education worldwide by suggesting ways to enhance people’s critical thinking skills.
  2. Society & Culture
    – Building a society based on expertise, not only on values.
    – Discussing the role of social media in shaping our society and changing how these players influence our lives.
    – Disseminating culture (philosophy, art, cinema, history, science, literature, etc.), educating our audience and showing how knowledge of both academic subjects and pop-culture, can practically improve our lives.
    – Advertising ideas that change the world, whether they have a large or small impact, whether on a global or local scale. Interviewing inspiring people and sharing their plans, hopes and visions for the future. Showing how these actions can be used as examples that have a positive impact on our society.
  3. International Relations & Politics
    – Discussing the current political models and propose new solutions to improve our society.
    – Understanding the implications of interstate relations for our lives, and proposing ideas to improve cooperation between people of different cultures, and between governments.
    – Proposing and promoting the emergence of intergovernmental bodies that orchestrate and regulate science as they already exist for commerce, culture and other disciplines.

Culturico Logo Culturico

 provides stories that have people as the core element, with topics ranging from politics, to society and science. Opinions are a constitutive element of Culturico’s articles, although the team’s mindset remains purely scientific in its approach. 

The logotypes, with their graphical elements, have been designed to highlight the aforementioned aspects. The fonts Sans Serif or Neutra Display Titling are chosen to indicate accuracy and clarity, as with Culturico‘s subject matters. The speech bubble, like in cartoons, is an integral graphical element of the logotypes and has the purpose of indicating the strength of dialogue and plurality of opinions. The yellow background of the balloon is intended to instil positivity and optimism. The different colours of the logotypes represent the different languages, the different political, scientific and cultural environments of each individual – yet intermixed – human population.

Designer: Massimiliano Germani

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