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How to enhance inclusion for people with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be socially isolating. The fear of not being able to hear can make it tempting to simply stay home, avoiding that dinner out with friends or an evening at the theater. Public spaces are often not conducive to easy communication but simple tricks like turning down the music, installing assistive listening devices and employing communication best practices can help make gatherings more inclusive for everyone. Here’s what you can do to help.

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Fabrizio De André – a new ethical left?

The political left is in disarray across Italy, Europe, and most of the world. Into the vacuum created by the death of communism have poured centrist ‘Third way’ parties and social justice movements. However noble their cause, the disenfranchised working classes increasingly abandon them for new right-wing nationalist parties, who offer them nothing but scapegoats. Here, I propose that the continued popularity of Italian singer-songwriter Fabrizio De André hints at a path forward for a future political thought: one that combines social and economic justice, and most crucially, one that searches with all its heart for an overarching philosophy to

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Herd Immunity: a perspective on Venezuela’s socioeconomic crisis

The lack of awareness of Venezuela’s deteriorating public health care system caused by Venezuela’s socioeconomic crisis is unprecedented. With the sharp decline of vaccination rates, the country is currently seeing colossal outbreaks of preventable diseases resurface once again, highlighting the importance of herd immunity. If these problems are not addressed soon, the rest of the world might just end up sharing the aftermath of Venezuela’s health crisis. 

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Giving birth: a woman’s choice between nature and medicine

The number of women giving birth without methods of pain-relief are low. Women are experiencing great fears about the pain of giving birth, making them want to exploit all medical pain relieving possibilities. A lack of trust in the body’s natural pain relieving mechanisms and an excessive supply of medical interventions is putting women in the dilemma of having to choose between modern medicine and nature.

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Pasta is healthy

Pasta is healthy

Pasta is generally categorised among unhealthy foods. However, Italians – large consumers of pasta – are among the healthiest populations of the world. This study digs into the properties of this highly caloric food to unveil its potential benefits and to debunk the general misconceptions of pasta-based recipes.

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Vision of reality: the problem of experience in science

Visions of reality: the problem of experience in science

Scientific discovery is grounded in our experience. But is there something about our experience that is not quantifiable? This article explores the history of the debate surrounding the compatibility of lived experience with scientific data. How the different visions of reality presented in these debates are balanced in our culture will affect the very way that life itself is lived and understood.

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